How to improve the pizza dough?

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14 tips and tricks that will help you improve your homemade pizza and focaccia dough 🍕

1▷The first and most important thing is to make a quality homemade pizza dough.
A homemade pizza dough is very easy to make and the result is absolutely worth it, you will see that after practicing two or three times you will realize how easy and fun it is.

2▷I recommend you start with the most basic direct dough pizza recipes.
Direct method pizzas are so called because all the ingredients are mixed at the same time,

(depending on the type of kneading you use, it will take between 10 and 15 minutes).

Once an elastic and lump-free dough is obtained, it will be left to ferment in a warm place and protected from drafts for 2/3 hours until our dough doubles its volume, and then stretch it and bake it as indicated in the chosen recipe.



recetas de pizzas y focaccias

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3▷To then continue with the pizza doughs and homemade focaccia with the indirect method.
Pizzas made with the indirect method are so called because they are made in 2 phases. In the first, a preferment is prepared using water, flour and a small percentage of fresh yeast.

Next, the preferments are left to ferment for several hours depending on the chosen recipe. In the second phase, the missing ingredients are added to the preferments to carry out our chosen pizza recipe.

▷The 2 best-known favorites for pizza, bread and focaccia are: the BIGA of Italian origin and the POOLISH of Polish origin
4▷Use the most suitable ingredients to make pizza at home.Flour: there are many types of flour on the market for all types of use, we need a strong flour.

To know the strength of the flour we will look at the label the percentage of proteins it contains:

8-10 GR low force

10-12 GR medium strength

12-14 GR high strength

+ 14 GR very high strength

the higher the amount of protein:

+ fermentation time

+ amount of water in the dough

+ flavor and color

+ digestible

How to improve the pizza dough?


5▷The temperature of the water in our pizza dough.
Water: it is advisable to use natural mineral bottled water because, depending on the place of residence, products can be added to the tap water that can alter the organoleptic composition of the water and this can affect our fermentation.

Use water at room temperature 👉 recommended between 20ºC/24ºC

at lower temperatures heat the water until it reaches 20/24ºC

at higher temperatures cool the water to 20/24 C

6 What yeast to use in pizza dough?
Use the cubes of fresh yeast or sachets of dehydrated yeast for pizza and bread.

DO NOT get confused with the sachets of chemical yeast for desserts

7 What kind of salt to use to make pizza dough?
We will use common fine salt, it is very important to add the salt as the last ingredient, it is best to add it when we are halfway through the estimated time of our manual or mechanical kneading to prevent it from coming into contact with the yeast and it could negatively affect the fermentation of our pizza or bread.

What are the different types of flours for pizzas?


8 What kind of oil to use in pizza and focaccia dough?
We will use extra virgin olive oil with a medium flavor intensity, we will add it to our pizza dough when the flour has absorbed the water to avoid the formation of lumps. At the time of baking our pizza we can put a thread of oil to highlight the flavors of our ingredients.

9 What kind of tomato sauce to use on pizza?
In the market there are endless tomato sauces of all kinds, personally I am inclined to use a natural tomato or 100% natural tomato pulp.

We will prepare our homemade tomato sauce by adding fresh basil, salt, extra virgin olive oil to the chosen tomato and we will leave 30 minutes for all the flavors to come together.

if we have leftover tomato sauce we can store it in the fridge and we can use it for pasta or rice at another time.

10 What type of mozzarella to use in our homemade pizza dough?
In pizzerias with an oven that reaches 500°C, fresh fior di latte mozzarella is used, which is the best, but at home with an oven that does not reach a maximum of 250/270°C, this type of mozzarella would release an amount of water that It will spoil the pizza dough moistening and softening the dough. I recommend using 100% cow's milk mozzarella, grated or in a stick that you can easily find in supermarkets.

If you want to enjoy fresh buffalo or burrata mozzarella, I recommend adding it at the end to fully enjoy its incredible flavor 😋




11▷Pre Bake the pizza dough.
This trick at home works very well and consists of baking our extended dough with only the tomato sauce between 2-4 minutes depending on the pizza recipe and the type of oven used, and then adding the other ingredients and finishing cooking.

12▷Mozzarella must be melted in the oven, not cooked.
After pre-baking our pizza dough with the tomato sauce we will add the mozzarella and the ingredients. that we want to add and we will finish cooking

I recommend you not to put too many ingredients on the pizza, the ideal is tomato, mozzarella and 2-3 more ingredients.

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13▷Heat the oven at maximum power before cooking the pizza and the focaccia.
In an electric oven with a fan, we will cook at 240-250ºC (depending on the pizza, it will take between 5 and 9 minutes), in an electric oven without a fan, it will take between 12 and 20 minutes.

In portable outdoor gas or pellet ovens we will cook at 400-450ºC and it takes 2/3 minutes like in a pizzeria.

I recommend the first time to observe how your pizza is cooking and at the same time you will know how your oven cooks.

14▷Use an oven stone to cook our pizza and focaccia dough
It is not mandatory, but it is highly recommended to use baking stones, they help dissipate moisture, cook more homogeneously and our bread and pizza dough will be more crispy, tasty and colorful.

A good stone costs between $35-60 and if you like to cook it is worth it.
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