Amos Meroto

My name is Amos, I was born in Italy in 1978, I am the father of 2 wonderful children, my best tasters and advisors for all my recipes.

I have been living in Barcelona for more than 25 years and together with my brother we manage 2 restaurants / pizzerias.

More than 2 years ago I decided to leave the hospitality industry and spend more time with my family. During the pandemic, the idea came to me to make known all the knowledge acquired about Italian recipes and pizzas, explaining them in an easy way so that anyone can recreate it in their own home with ingredients and tools that are very easy to obtain.

I started by creating a YouTube channel where I began to share my recipes and photos on my Instagram account. Little by little it grew until I decided to create this recipe website.

I like to make recipes with few ingredients to enhance their flavor and make pizzas and breads with different and healthy flours so that anyone can eat a good pizza whenever they feel like it.

I am passionate about cooking and experimenting with new combinations, merging the best ingredients from around the world with the best ingredients from my land: Italy.

I hope I can infect you with my passion for good food


Pizza en casa pro is a website where we try to transmit passion and enthusiasm in what we do.
It all starts with the selection of quality ingredients that will be transformed in an artisan way into delicious pizzas, focaccias, breads and many more.

If we manage to get one person to decide one day to make one of our recipes or find our cooking tips interesting, we are satisfied.

We present a preview of our recipes on YOUTUBE-INSTAGRAM-FACEBOOK


Made with Italian passion

Nuestra filosofía

"Food connects people"


Our purpose is to transfer all the knowledge and professional work methods acquired SIMPLIFYING THEM so that anyone can make a delicious recipe.



These are the values ​​and principles that inspire us daily to offer quality content.
Delicious and healthy recipes, made with Italian passion.

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