What variety of tomatoes is best for pizza and pasta sauce?

Just like for pizza, when making pasta, the choice of tomatoes is crucial to obtain a delicious sauce. Here are some varieties of tomatoes that are ideal for making both pizza and pasta sauce:

  1. San Marzano Tomatoes: As I mentioned above, San Marzano tomatoes are a premium choice for pizza and pasta sauces. They have a sweet flavor and texture that makes them perfect for Italian sauces.
    Roma Tomato: Roma tomatoe, also known as Italian tomatoes, are very versatile and work well in both pizza and pasta sauces. They have a pleasant flavor and are easy to peel, making them ideal for mild sauces.
    Cherry Tomato: Cherry tomatoes, especially sweeter ones like yellow cherry tomatoes, add a touch of sweetness to pasta sauces. You can use them whole in fresh sauces or puree them for a different texture.
    Circus Tomato: These tomato are fleshy and low in water content, making them ideal for thick, hearty sauces. They work well in rich, flavorful pasta sauces.
    Beefsteak Tomato: Beefsteak tomato are ideal for pasta sauces with a flavorful tomato base. They have a strong flavor and their juiciness helps create rich sauces.
    Pear Tomato: Pear tomato are an excellent choice for pasta sauces, especially if you are looking for a sweet flavor and dense texture. They are ideal for smooth and velvety tomato sauces.
    Semi-Dried Cherry Tomato: Semi-dried cherry tomato are excellent for drier pasta sauces or those with less liquid. They provide a concentrated flavor and an interesting texture to sauces.
    Plum Tomato: Plum tomato, also known as plum tomatoes, are excellent for thicker, heartier pasta sauces due to their low water content and intense flavor.

Remember that choosing the type of tomato will depend on your personal preferences and the type of sauce you want to prepare. You can combine different varieties to achieve the balance of flavor and texture you want in your pasta or pizza sauce. Experiment and find your perfect combination!

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